Message from the Founder Chairman, A source of Eternal Inspiration

On the path of the progress, education is the medium that can allow our beloved country to not only conserve its culture but also ignite the minds of our newer generation and empower them to be at par with the citizens of other developed countries.

Science and Technology in the 21st century will unleash a resolution of progress that is beyond our imagination today and takes us to universal horizon beyond the limits of the world around.

We are determined to provide quality education to our students through the most modern educational institutions to make them financially empowered while shaping them into self reliant and confident citizens of a modern India. These institutions would strive to inculcate discipline and character building along with serious pursuit of knowledge utilizing the most advanced teaching practices and high moral standards, so that our teachers and students can stride forward and see the transformation of the country into an advanced nation within their lifetime.

My best wishes

(Jaiprakash Gaur)
Founder Chairman
Jaypee Group