Warm Greetings to you all from JPS Samirpur………….

This is what we at Jaypee Public School, are striving to do. We are committed to meet the educational needs of 21st Centuary students. We empower every child to create a success story of his/her own. In consonance with Jaypee ideology we visualize every child as a unique store house of potential ideas and skills to be discovered and nurtured to blossom.

We strive to focus on academic excellance with a holistic approach to education. Guided by hierarchy of educationists- having years of abounding experience in the field of education, supported by well qualified committd and passionate staff with JPS, evey chield is enabled to face the challenges of looming times.

For us every child is a soul in evolution, a psychic being born on earth to grow through experience and fulfill a deeper sense of purpose. Our task as a teacher is to nourish the seed and the plant that blooms as it chooses. We believe nothing can be taught. All knowledge exists within us. It only needs to be unveiled. For this specific purpose we have several challenging co-curricular and cultural activities, a variety of sports and personality development programmes for the children.

Mrs. Preeti Arora Dubey

Malala Yousafazi

“One Child, One Teacher, One book, One pen can change the world”